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Rotherham Art Events is a not for profit Community Arts Organisation

It was born out of a collaboration between Acoustic Rotherham and Live at Dicken’s / No.10 with the aim of improving the general profile of the music scene in Rotherham.  

We engage with grass roots artists and musicians in Rotherham; seeking opportunities to take the creativity in Rotherham to audiences and develop audiences further a field.

We provide open and FREE access to the arts, believing that art is central the human experience and that through art people can find themselves, gain confidence, and develop.   

We particularly encourage young people and those who are disadvantaged, either economically or by physical / mental condition.  

ACOUSTIC ROTHERHAM - was our first Web Site and activity in the musical life of Rotherham.   An idea of the Rawmarsh Mashers to provide local acoustic musicians with an opportunity to showcase a full set of work, it quickly grew to feature many of the top names in acoustic music from Yorkshire and beyond.   

The sessions have become occasional now.

The Acoustic Rotherham Web Site also provides a home for our local poets, and story tellers under the WORD PIT heading. We publish a new page quarterly packed full of work created by Rotherham Poets.   This is open to everyone all you need do is submit work to our Editor Chris Bilton HERE

In just a few years, RAE has grown from promoting in local Pubs. To promoting nationally recognised Bands and musicians like the UK Subs, 999, Chris Slade, Tenpole Tudor, and many more.   

Many local Bands have cut their teeth and developed their profile using our Live in Rotherham (which takes over from where Live at The Trades left off)  promotions in both headliner and support roles.   

We’re pleased to have given opportunities to young performers like John Lennon McCullagh, Tom Kilner, and The sherlocks all of whom have gone onto bigger and better things.

SLAMFEST -  remains as South Yorkshire’s largest FREE music Festival.  Day audiences of 3,000 + turn out for the event which provides for up to 400 musicians from mainly the Rotherham area.   The fantastic thing about Slamfest is that it involves performers of all ages and genre of music.

In recent times the Festival has attracted headliners like 999 and the Lurkers ;  Ed tenpole Tudor ; ODS Saxon and Sigue Sigue  Sputnik.   

Check out the line up for the TWO SLAMFEST’S in 2015 HERE

We would be nothing if it were not for our team of  volunteers.  We have been fortunate to have had some excellent and creative volunteers.   Without them we would have been struggling.  

Rotherham Art Events is manned completely by volunteers from the CEO down / sidways

For more details about Volunteering GO HERE   To arrange an informal discussion Email

Involvement in the Community is very important to RAE.  We have played a central role in many Rotherham Festivals and Arts policy making bodies for the Borough.

We like to think that we make sure that musicians and the grass roots artists  have a voice and that their concerns are listened to and acted upon.

Foundation Records is our Community Record Label project.  The project will concentrate mainly on Young People, but will also provide opportunities to Bands / performers needing initial help to get their music heard.   It’s a double headed Project in that linked to the music making will be training opportunities in all aspects of marketing music.

Involvement in the Community is very important to RAE.  We have played a central role in many Rotherham Festivals and Arts policy making bodies for the Borough.

We like to think that we make sure that musicians and the grass roots artists  have a voice and that their concerns are listened to and acted upon.


The Saturday Jam and Slam typifies our collaborations with other Community Organisations in Rotherham.  

The Jam and Slam offers young people an opportunity to gain confidence with their music / poetry / and art.  

The project reflects our core principle of free and easy access no matter what level of ability someone might be.   

If you would like to join us at MyPlace on a Saturday afternoon then go HEREfor the next date, or Email HERE to be put on the News Letter mailing list

For twelve months we were able to experiment with an Arts Drop In Centre thanks to the good services of Point Blank Theatre Company, who kindly let us use one of the

properties in their open space project.  

We continued the project when we had to move at what was known as the Arts Hub out of the Town Centre and into the heart of  Industrial Rotherham.    

Unfortunately the move resulted in the loss of some key volunteers and after holding our first Exhibition for the visual arts it was felt that we were no longer able to meet the core ethos of RAE of engaging with the young and audiences not normally associated with the arts could not be met.  

We withdrew to reevaluate, and while we would jump at the right premises, RAE currently move around various venues to execute their program.  

Live in Rotherham provides the basis with our firm partners Crazy Diamond Promotions (Rock God Mick Hill) for our regular quality promotions of the best music in Rotherham.  These popular events have included bands like, Sigue Sigue Sputnik; Chris Slade Time Line (AC/DC Drummer); 999; UK Subs;

These events also provide an opportunity for the cream of local Bands to play alongside Nationally known artists.

Rotherham Art Events survives only through donations, Live at The Trades and a limited number of income streams.  

Besides Slamfest4 in July 2015, we will also be continuing our search for a premises within the Town Centre area that will allow us to develop our Arts Hub concept.

We will also be seeking to extend our collaborations and tie ins with other Organisations in Rotherham.


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